About Humiliation Girls

Humiliation Girls is not your typical “Fem Dom” site.   We featured real girls who love teasing, tormenting and humiliating men.  Our girls are not dressed in black leather, wielding whips and crops.  They are the girl that lives next door, the teller at your bank, the waitress at your local restaurant.  They are everyday women who want nothing more than to see men blush, squirm, whimper, and beg while they laugh and giggle.

Our videos let you inside the minds of real women who love nothing more than to tease, humiliation and torment men!

But don’t let their cute appearance or playful attitudes fool you.  These women can be as cruel they come and once they get started, they may not let up until they break you!

Small Penis Humiliation, Name Calling and Verbal Abuse, Cuckold, Chastity,  Foot Humiliation (Teasing, Sweaty/Smelly Feet, Socks), Abusive GFE (Laugh at him for even thinking of dating you), Forced Intox, Fantasy Blackmail, Teasing & Denial, JOI, Pantyhose Humiliation and so much more!